Get Involved


The ambassador program is an experiential learning opportunity where you can help your community, build your resume and gain real teaching experience. To volunteer as an ambassador, or find out about programs at your school, please contact us.

Community Advisors

Being a Community Advisor means a commitment to Fruitful Minds Ambassadors and other college students to advise and mentor their progress towards Fruitful Minds goals.


There are many opportunities for giving at Fruitful Minds and we appreciate all means of support from our community.


Bring Fruitful Minds to your college or university today. We'll help you organize your program, provide course outlines, fundraising strategies and teaching materials. Your community will be healthier and your college students will have an amazing experience!

Fruitful Minds student board
Fruitful Minds student board at the Inspiring a Healthier Tomorrow student recognition event: (from right) Stephanie Yan, Karen Yang, Sarah French, Allyson Cesario, Erin Dunn, Colleen Lynch, Julie Lee, Regine Leger, Paulina Altshuler, Jessica Jew, A. Ou, B. Kim.